13 discount codes to make your trip cheaper

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Let’s be honest: if you live in the U.S., travel — both nationally and internationally — is constantly threatening to break your budget and leave you with post-vaca woes. Partly thanks to our geographical location and partly thanks to an airline industry that’s completely out of control, flights can be really expensive! Most hotels are honestly nuts, too. ($400/night just to get some shuteye? Are you disconnected from reality??!) And transportation in a given place isn’t always much better. If you’re doling out $2,000+ just to arrive, sleep and get around, your whole travel plan gets squeezed — perhaps causing you to skip some of the actual, you know, SIGHTS.

That’s tragic. And really, really defeating. Thankfully, there are lots of ways to save some bucks on the logistical costs if you know how to work the system, play the points game (get loyal: with a credit card, an airline, a hotel chain, etc.) and SHARE SOME CODES.

Here are 13 of my own personalized codes you can use to cut the costs on your next trip. (Bonus: for most of these, I benefit too!)

Want to get even more deals?? Create an account with the services you use to generate your own code and leave a link to it in the comments — so other people can use them for discounts and send more dollars into your digital wallet.


I practically live in Airbnbs, and the site is always the first I check for accommodations all over the world because I’ve found I’m more likely to find beautiful, functional places AND better prices. Haven’t used this growing behemoth yet? See what everyone is talking about with a hefty $40 off your next rental of $75 or more or $15 off your next Airbnb “experience” — that’s tours, classes, etc. — of $50 or more.

Use this link to sign up. Must be a new Airbnb user.


When I’m abroad, if I don’t find any great Airbnbs in the area or if I’m in an area where the Airbnb trend isn’t very big yet (many places like this still in Central America), my next go-to is Booking.com, which acts as a host site for a lot of micro hotels, guest houses and regular folks renting out a room. I’ve found some stellar prices here, and you can too — plus an additional $25 off with this code.

Use this link to get $25 off your next reservation.

Delta Sky Miles American Express credit card

As a points aficionado, I can tell you this deal is legit. With this link, new cardholders receive not only 75,000 bonus miles (I’ve booked a round-trip ticket from the U.S. to Japan with 70K miles before) after spending $3,000 in the first three months, AND a $100 statement credit after the first purchase. Honestly, that’s strong.

Use this link to sign up.

World Remit

If you need to send money internationally, there’s a chance PayPal won’t do the job — it doesn’t function in many countries, including throughout Central America. Thus, I use the app World Remit to pay my Spanish teacher, whom I met in Guatemala for the lessons we continue to do over Facebook video. With this link, newbies receive a $20 voucher after sending $100 through the app, which allows users to send money directly from their credit or debit card to a physical bank for cash pickup in other parts of the world.

Use this link to sign up.

Capital One Venture card

This is my favorite travel credit card because you can earn miles on every purchase, not just travel purchases and redeem them for a WIDE variety of things: Airbnbs, flights on any airline, trains, even UBERs! And the way you redeem them allows the user to double dip — booking with Delta, for example, and building miles there, then redeeming the purchase through Capital One. The Venture card also has a sweet sign-up bonus right now — 50,000 bonus miles after spending $3K within the first three months. That’s a couple domestic round trip flights or a planned out excursion abroad!

Use this link to sign up.


If you’ve never before used Hotels.com, they offer a heck of a signup deal with a referral. Create an account and receive $50 off your first booking. It’s worth creating an account just for that, no?

Use this link to sign up.

Hotel Tonight

Because you never know where you’ll end up, and what last minute reservations you’ll need to make, it’s always good to keep an account with Hotel Tonight, a service that prides itself on last-minute deals. (Of course, you can also use it to plan ahead.) Get an even better bargain with $25 off your first booking with this code.

Use this code to book: ARAYNO


Jonesing for some new luggage? Away makes some seriously durable, not to mention beautiful stuff. Get $20 off your new trendy suitcase.

Shop with this link.


No matter where you are in the world, you probably still want/need to stay connected in some capacity. If you’re mulling a hot spot, Skyroam Solis is a great one — with 4G LTE data. As a bonus, it doubles as a power bank. Get 20 percent off Solis with this link.

Use this link to place your order.


We all know that rental cars have gotten harder and harder to afford and, well, you can’t walk or take public transportation to EVERY place. New to Lyft? Get $5 bucks off your first ride.

Use this link to sign up.


Uber offers the same new user discount as Lyft, above.

Use this code to sign up: ameliar821ue


We can’t always be adventurous. And when I’m back in the States for a stint, my favorite guilty pleasure is getting some grub delivered — a rarity in my travel life. If you’re not yet a BiteSquad user, get $10 off your first order.

Sign up using this referral code: 1ES-YBWZ-JB85


I bought this sleek electric toothbrush about six months ago because it is IDEAL for travel. A) It’s probably as small or even smaller than your current manual brush, B) we all know that electric toothbrushes are better for your grill and C) Quip is stylish enough to be an accessory. Even more convenient, they offer free shipping for refill bundles of a new brush head, battery and toothpaste every six months. Earn a $5 refill credit with this code.

Use this code to sign up: amelia590959660450


If you’re living in or visiting the select U.S. and international cities available on Car2Go and you’re looking for a short-term car option, this app-based service is a convenient alternative to a traditional rental that lets you pick up your wheels in lots and street parking all over the cities. Get $10 off your first rental.

Use this code to sign up: JOINC2GPDX_ajrayno@gmail.com

NOTE: if you come to this blog later and any of the links are expired, please leave me a comment and I’ll update them if possible!

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