A traveler’s gift guide

As a full-time nomad, I understand that travelers can be difficult to shop for, especially if they don’t have a permanent residence.

But finding the ideal gift for the holidays is just a matter of perspective.

It’s important to give travelers something that serves a valuable purpose, and is small enough to tote around the world.

Here are my favorite picks:

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A travel-friendly gift cards (various values)

For every traveler, the very best gift you can give them is, well, more travel. Gift cards via Delta, or other airlines are ideal, as are gift cards for Airbnb, which can be purchased and retrieved online.


Silk pillowcase, $18.95

As someone who regularly changes beds and cities, my silk pillowcase is a valuable piece of consistency I can take with me without taking up much space in my backpack. The quality of the bedding I go to sleep on is ever changing, but I always know I have a comfy place to lay my head. That can’t be overstated.

Shop, here.


Bluetooth speaker/ noisemaker, $26.48

Another one of my prized travel possessions, this tiny speaker is super affordable, and I use it every single day — to play music and podcasts in my apartments and to help lull me to sleep with its variety of white noises when I’m in loud environments, or when I’m dealing with a lot of stress.

Shop, here.


Tank tops, hats and tote bags from My Sister/The Outrage, various prices

If I had to choose a favorite clothing/accessory brand, it would be My Sister, which got its beginnings in Minneapolis and later joined forces with The Outrage. They donate a portion of every purchase to progressive organizations fighting for equal rights and more. And it just so happens that their products are AWESOME. My “Badass Feminist” cropped tank is my favorite shirt of all time, and I just gifted myself a couple others from the collection!

Shop here.


Power bank, $59.99

In this age, battery life is power folks, and to know a traveler is to know someone who is constantly watching their devices die on the road, in critical moments none-the-less. For me, keeping a power bank alive and functioning is a task in and of itself. (How many have I had crap out on me after a couple months??) This one does the job well and can power an iPhone 8 over 6.5 times. Most travelers probably already have one, and would still be ecstatic to get a second.

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Laptop brushes, $18.99

Besides this GET CLEAN mist/squeegee product, which was my go-to until they apparently went out of business (TEARS), I also always tote around this duo of goat hair/pig bristle brushes to keep my laptop screen clean on the go no matter what kind of dusty/sandy/dirty environment I’m working in.

Shop here.


Bamboo utensils, $9.99

Let’s be real, no matter where you’re traveling, if you’re on the road, there’s a good chance you’re encountering a whole landslide of plastic use, especially when it comes to street foods and public markets. This utensil set (includes a straw) is small enough to carry in a purse, a back pocket or the side pouch of a backpack, and helps your favorite nomad do his or her part in cutting down on waste.

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Packing cubes, various prices

I have no idea what I did before packing cubes. The science is incredibly simple and yet so, so effective. I think I carry twice as much clothes in my 40-liter backpack as I could otherwise. There is *always* room for one more thing, be it a new hat you bought or a gift to take home. And as a secondary function, they keep everything organized. I like the eBags brand.

Shop, here.

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  1. Thanks Amelia. I finally ordered the packing cubes based on your advice and your packing video. I may not pack any more into my 40 liter back pack, but I will be better organized. Purchased a set for Maggie as well. Merry Christmas!

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