Follow my journey

Follow my journey!

Follow my journey – Hi friends, fam, big badass world: I’m inviting you all to come with me on the journey of a lifetime — one with no itinerary and no end date.

After more than a decade in traditional print media — including the Minneapolis Star Tribune where I covered sports, food and travel for the last 8 years — I’ve decided to cut the cord and take on some of my own projects and goals.

I’m selling almost everything I own, saying goodbye to my apartment, strapping on a backpack and heading out — with no safety net, no promises.

I’m starting in Mexico City, and hope to hug the west coast of Central and South America as I work my way down to Cape Horn. At least, that’s the loose idea. I want to leave my plans open for spontaneous change as I chase great stories, meet interesting people and fall in love with tiny towns.

Along the way, I’ll be doing lots of freelancing, personal blogging (new website link to come soon!), video series and more. I want to share it all.

If you’re inspired, consider donating $1 a month (or any of the other tiers of donation) on my Patreon page to help me keep going. Each tier gets a little extra bonus — additional content, a monthly newsletter and hand-written postcards!

I appreciate all the support, and I can’t wait to hit the road. The journey begins in July.

🤜🤛 Amelia

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