about me


Hi! I’m Amelia.

Let me tell you a little about me:

After more than a decade working as a newspaper reporter — covering first sports, then food and travel — I decided to cut the cord and set out to forge my own path.

Now, I’m a full-time nomad, traveling solo around Mexico, Central and South America and sharing my journey with the world.

It’s nerve-wracking in many ways, but it also feels so right. The more I’ve traveled the globe, the more I’m sure: I’m most inspired when I’m on the move; I’m most fulfilled when meeting new people and experiencing new places; I’m most invigorated when facing the unknown.

I’ve long thought that the two keys to living a happy, successful life are connecting with people and finding comfort in the uncomfortable. I’ve always believed that if I can do those two things, I can do anything. Mine is a lifelong pursuit to continually get better at both.

And so here I am out in the world, looking for connection in far-flung places, looking for comfort in my doubt and trepidation, and continuing to remind myself that the fear, the anxiety, the anticipation I feel is what makes me truly alive.

I hope you’ll follow my adventure, too.

— Amelia