The Journey

Following along on the journey? Here’s a timeline of where I’ve been and where I’m headed.


June 15 : Left job.

June 27 – July 11: Raleigh/ DC/ Pittsburgh; find my Pittsburgh city guide here, my Raleigh guide here and my Ocracoke Island guide here.

July 11 – July 18: Mexico City; find my guide to eating on the streets here, and my photo gallery here.

July 18- July 26: Oaxaca de Juárez, Mexico; find my guide to Oaxacan markets here, and my photo gallery here.

July 26 – Aug. 2: Bahías de Huatulco, Mexico; find my guide to off-the-beaten-path finds here, and my photo gallery here.

Aug. 2 – Aug. 15: San Cristóbal de las Casas, Mexico; find my city guide to San Cristóbal here, and my photo gallery here.

Aug. 15 – Aug. 22: Panajachel, Guatemala; find my city guide to Pana here, and my photo gallery here.

Aug. 22 – Sept. 12: Antigua, Guatemala; find my blog sorting through the town’s “danger” reputation here, my column on the surrounding hilltops here, my city guide here and my photo gallery here.

Sept. 12 – Oct. 1: Panajachel, Guatemala (again!); read my guide on how to live in Guatemala (or stay for an extended period of time), here.

Oct. 2 – Oct. 18: USA; here’s what I was looking forward to on my return and what I missed, some thoughts on how it felt to be back in the States for the first time in 3 months as well as the feeling of straddling two lives, plus my How to Pack (part 2) video reassessing everything I towed in my carry-ons the first time around.

Oct. 18 – 22: Guatemala City; I wrote an essay about my four days in charming, complicated Guatemala city here, and you can find my guide of 8 places to go in Guatemala here.

Oct. 22 – Nov. 4: Coban, Guatemala; read my city guide here, watch my video about my stay here and my video about Day of the Dead in this part of Guatemala here.

Nov. 4-5: Guatemala City; read my column perspectives on the migrant caravan from this part of the world, here.

Nov. 5-13: Cary, NC; this was entirely unplanned — I journeyed back to the States, last minute, to vote, after my absentee ballot did not arrive. Read about why I made the trip, here and watch my journey in this video.

Nov. 13-14: Guatemala City

Nov. 14-26: Flores, Guatemala; read my Isla de Flores guide here, watch my video of the lake island here and find my loveletter to Guatemala here.

Nov. 26-Dec. 3: San Ignacio, Belize; read my city guide here; watch my video about life in San Ignacio here.

Dec. 3-10: Placencia, Belize; read my guides on what to do, where to eat and drink in Placencia.

Dec. 10-18: Caye Caulker, Belize; read my island guide here and my very serious thoughts on how to spend time in Belize, here.


Dec. 18-Jan.17: USA; read about my new appreciation for holiday traditions here; about my reflections on 2018 here and about my resolutions for 2019 here.

Jan. 17-Feb. 17: Corozal, Belize; read my guides on what to do; where to eat; where to drink; read about why this little northern Belizean town is my favorite place; and finding home in, leaving Corozal.

Feb. 17-21: Caye Caulker, Belize; here’s my island guide to Caye Caulker again.

Feb. 21-March 1: Placencia, Belize; my guides on what to do; where to eat; where to drink; read my love letter to Belize here.

Feb. 26-March 7: Puerto Cortes, Honduras; reflections from this complicated city.

March 7-19: Gracias, Honduras; my column on experiencing change and complexity in Gracias.

March 19-25: Comoyagua, Honduras; a conversation about cat-calling, and my necessary education while traveling through this part of the world, here.

March 25-April 2: Tegucigalpa, Honduras; my column on the welcome I received in Tegus, here.

April 2-10: San Pedro Sula, Honduras; how are Hondurans reacting to Trumps’s proposed cuts? A perspective from SPS; Chemex, craft beer and joy in Honduras’ most violent city.

April 10-13: Cincinnati, Ohio; how to travel in the U.S. for a summer as a broke nomad, here.

April 13-15: Lexington, Kentucky; video: a day at the race track, here.

April 15-May 1: Pittsburgh, Penn.; column: in the land of the free, our toilets flush all, here; column: while we get enraged about foreign interference, let’s consider our own, here.

May 1-8: Los Angeles; video: LA taco tour, here; column: 11 things I love and hate about LA, here.

May 8-13: Denver; 8 delicious things to eat for cheap, here; how to eat well on a tight budget, here.

May 13-27: Raleigh; A pork story: how a father and daughter found culinary commonality over NC ‘cue, here.

May 27-June 1: New Orleans; Video: eating for cheap in Nola, here; how to travel with friends (and remain friends afterward), here.

June 1-13: Pittsburgh; Column: trading objects for experiences, here; 17 ways to travel while being eco-friendly, here.

June 13-16: Annapolis, Maryland

June 16-20: Pittsburgh;

June 20-24: New York

June 24-July 3: Montreal

July 3-24: Minneapolis;

July 24-29: Detroit

July 29-? San Salvador, El Salvador