about Live Inspired

What does it mean to live inspired?

What do you picture when you hear those words?

Do you see a perfect sunset on a perfect beach? Perhaps a unending vista; a radiant smile from atop a mountain’s dramatic peak.

For me, and for Twin Cities financial advising firm John Reamer and Associates — with whom I’m partnering on this project — its an idea that goes deeper.

Living inspired means living intentionally and consciously, finding inspiration in both the triumphs and the trials, the heartwarming and the heartbreak.

It isn’t always postcard-worthy; in fact, it’s often messy and sometimes exhausting.

You see, an inspired life isn’t meant to be an easy thing — it’s something you work for, take chances for, make sacrifices for. Living inspired means identifying what you want and going after it — full speed, fully committed, and without knowing every trial that is lodged in the way.

Every week, in collaboration with John Reamer and Associates, I post a column exploring that quest. This series is not so much about the cities and towns I visit, but rather the sometimes comical, sometimes exhilarating, sometimes tumultuous process of making my way through them as I work through a roller coaster of emotions, challenges and victories while finding my footing in a very new existence.

Because what’s on the other side is worth it.

Those highlights you see? There’s a back story. Sometimes you have to slog through the mud to reach the that perfect beach. And without the grind of the climb, you’d never reach that dramatic mountain peak.

Experiencing the journey is what makes the finale meaningful. And only then can you truly find …inspiration.

Come along for the ride; I promise it will be eventful, and I hope this series emboldens you to be inspired in your own life.