Fall moods playlist

Yes, it’s actually spring here in El Salvador, but my brain still thinks of the calendar on U.S. terms. This year, like the last, I’m vicariously experiencing fall through social media — photos of turning leaves and added layers and Halloween parties.

My birthday, usually an autumn affair, was spent at the beach (not complaining). Instead of Halloween, I’ll again be celebrating Día de los Muertos, Day of the Dead, later this month.

This fall playlist probably combines those two sentiments — the effervescent, ever-summer feel of Latin America and the moodiness and wistfulness that sinks in with the later U.S. months. OK, there’s probably more “moody” than “bounce” in this one, so maybe draw a hot bath for your listen.

As always, it’s arranged to be played in order, but shuffle if you must (and know that I judge every shuffler among us).

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