2 thoughts on “GALLERY: Oaxaca, Mexico

  1. I just received my catalog from Heifer International (a favorite charity) and it highlighted Oaxaca. Heifer partnered with Pernod Ricard to “work with mezcal-producing families to not only improve incomes but also the nutrition of children and issues of gender disparity.” The catalog had a 10 page story on the project.

    If you aren’t familiar with Heifer, it’s a charity that uses contributions to provide people with livestock, clean water, sending girls to school, etc so families can be self-sufficient. In my quick look through the catalogue there were mentions of Mexico, Bolivia, Guatemala, Ecuador and Honduras.

    This seemed like something that you would love to write about and fit your goal of helping the people you meet. Check them out to see if they need a great writer on the ground.

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