How to Pack for Indefinitely (Part 3)

Welp, here we go again.

How does one pack for indefinitely? I have no idea. But I’m learning better by the week, and getting more sophisticated with each pitstop back in the U.S.

After my latest evaluation, I dumped a lot (goodbye water filter and second pair of jeans, among other things) while piling on a couple of pretty significant additions. (Um, yoga mat and full-standing tripod? OK SURE).

How’s this gonna work? I recorded this video as I test-packed my new load for the first time.

Here’s a full list of what I tote around the world:

(PS: many of these products you can buy directly from my Amazon Influencer page, here.)


*Osprey Fairview 40L backpack

*Eastsport backpack from Walmart (Listen it was about $8)

*Leather shoulder bag


*1 pair jeans (always Levi’s)

*1 pair jean shorts (still Levi’s)

*1 pair Reebok workout shorts

*1 jean skirt

*3 t-shirts

*8 lightweight tanktops (I like Athleta brand)

*Reebok jersey hoodie

*10 pairs undies (I like Calvin Klein)

*10 pairs socks (Keds no-shows)

*1 regular bra (still Calvin Klein)

*1 sports bra (Athleta)

*The North Face Venture 2 rain jacket

*Pleather jacket (My bae)

*Vans UltraRange sneakers

*Vans Old Skool sneakers

*Cheap slides


*Canon 5D Mark II with an EF 24-105mm f/4 L Lens

*Rode VideoMicro microphone with windshield and mount

*Zomei compact travel tripod

*Rode VideoMicro Me compact microphone for smartphone with windshield

*Joby magnetic tripod for smartphones

*MacBook Air, 12 inch laptop computer

*Rechargeable battery pack


*Earbuds with cords (it’s not always safe or smart to wear AirPods in developing countries)

*Chargers (computer charger; camera battery charger; two cord “butts,” two iPhone cords; 1 alt cord for battery pack, noisemaker)

*2 large, high-speed, camera memory cards

*External card-reader

*USB adapter for my Macbook

*’LectroFan micro sleep sound machine

*GetClean screen cleaner mist

*iPhone 8+

*Cheap backup burner phone (I got a Blu)


*Quip electric toothbrush (sans its bigger case)

*Travel-size toothpaste

*Shampoo and conditioner samples

*Travel-size deodorant


*Small comb

*Bobby pins

*Hair ties

*Emory board

*Nail clippers


*Pencil sharpener


*Fab CBD oil

*Fab CBD topical cream

*Lavender oil (for my pillowcase, a sleep aid)

*Crest teeth whitening strips

*Lip and eye balm


*Eye drops

*Eye cream



*Tissue packets

*Wet wipes

*Hand sanitizer

*Hand cream

*Perfume samples

*Neutrogena tinted moisturizer


*Eyebrow pencil


*Lip gloss


*Powder and makeup brush




*Gauze pads

*Sterile wipes


*Zinc tablets


*Imodium tablets

*Charcoal tablets

*Malaria pills

*Hydration packets


*Copies of passport

*Copies of passport pix

*Copies of social security card

*Copies of birth certificate

*Vaccination document


*eQua yoga towel

*Theraband resistance workout band

*Silk pillowcase (great for hair and skin in conditions that otherwise aren’t always ideal).

*Canvas bag

*Coin purse

*Illume tin candle

*Warby Parker eyeglasses

*Ray-Ban sunglasses

*Tide to go stick

*Herbal tea packets

*Guard your Drink “Whats in your glass” roofie strips

*Hydroflask water bottle





3 thoughts on “How to Pack for Indefinitely (Part 3)

  1. Possible story idea: Common misconceptions of Americans living abroad. My family and I have been living overseas for the past 2 1/2 years. Before we went, I was under the impression that Americans living outside the U.S. were mostly made up of a young demographically, and I suppose that is certainly true in some areas. But it is much more common than I realized for families with young children (or children of all ages 18 and younger, really) to live abroad. You certainly are not old, but you are not straight out of college either. Maybe you’ve experienced the same phenomena, that this “adventuresome” lifestyle is not just for the early 20-somethings. If so, I’d love to read a piece by you on discovering this yourself. Unless, of course, you knew this and maybe I was just totally in the dark about this … which is certainly possible, too.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Riley …well, it’s a little different for me because I’m not living in any one place, I’m continually moving. I do think that is still rare beyond early 20-somethings, haha. But it has been fun to meet expats of all ages wherever I go.

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