5 thoughts on “Being alone vs. being lonely

  1. This was fascinating, even though it once again had little to do with your destination. I love hearing about where you are, but not any more than I enjoy reading this kind of stuff. You have a real gift for understanding and articulating what you are feeling and what motivates you, and it is really interesting to read about. Thanks so much for sharing it!

  2. Ahhh…yes. I’ve been alone while traveling and have been scared to death plenty of times by creepy looking men, even at busy main street restaurants. (Such as the life of women.) But wanting to be left alone sometimes — yes, that’s me too. I just didn’t think about that occurring to you on this journey. What an interesting observation Amelia!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  3. After my dad passed I would visit my mom and ask how she was doing. She would often say “Sometimes you need to be your own best friend.”

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