Meet Ida and Manhattan’s factory maos

As I left the factory, Ida stopped me. She gestured toward a particularly fluffy employee, and shot me a parting offer.

“Let me know,” she posed, “if you want to interview my cats.”

I did.

I really, really did.

And besides soliciting ‘meows,’ and capturing the fashionable felines decked in their typical work attire, I just wanted more time at Caroda Inc, a Chinese American-run clothing factory that I happened into while accompanying my friend Erin — a local advertising rock star — as she checked in on a client’s product.

Here, in the heart of midtown Manhattan, two blocks from Madison Square Garden, a small elevator takes visitors five stories up an unassuming brick highrise and into another world.

Workers pull khaki camo pant legs from stacks that threaten to challenge the height of the ceiling; the low hum of a couple sewing machines working in hamonious unison fills a room packed floor-to-ceiling with material.

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