Playlist: U.S.A. summer feels

There might be no stronger keeper of memories than music — even more than photos and stories, songs have a way of sending me back, viscerally, to specific moments in time, to an almost palpable state of mind.

SO: one of the things I want to do more of moving forward is creating playlists based on place and my time moving through them. I’m starting with my nearly four-month cruise through the States (plus a week in Canada!).

It was a hell of a journey being in my native country — even my former adopted home, Minneapolis — as a nomad, this time. It was both familiar and strange; comforting and challenging; indulgent and driving.

My recollections of these last few months are painted in bright colors, smoky shades, sunsets, lasers; they’re filled with people and smells and tastes and feelings. Here’s what they sound like:

(Playlist through Spotify below or find the Apple version here.)

A note! Listen to this however you like. However, I created it to be played straight through with flow. (I’m obsessed with transitions. Carry on.)

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