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The end of 2019 and the start to 2020 was a whirlwind — I returned to the U.S. for a few weeks, randomly had one of my articles promoted by the president of El Salvador, held a fundraiser and went on a mini media spree to talk about my docu-series project.

Here’s some of what I was working on:


Op-ed in the Minneapolis Star Tribune


As part of the reporting process for my docu-series in El Mozote and the surrounding regions, my team and I hiked into a deserted village called Toriles, in northern Morazán. There, we saw forgotten relics of a what was part of the greatest massacre in modern Latin American history — an event, though not a part of mainstream U.S. knowledge, that had a hand in leading to one of the biggest stories of the moment: immigration from Central America.

Read my op-ed here.


TV appearance on WCCO


I went on the Sunday night news in late December to talk about my motivations for creating this new series that will explore food, culture and U.S. imperialism around the globe. Never thought you’d hear those words together? I think it’s important to balance the good with the hard, the light with the heavy, in order to tell stories that might not find ears otherwise, and also to show the element of my reporting that impresses me the most: that even in times of great challenge, people are resilient, people create beauty.

Watch the short clip here.


TV appearance on Twin Cities live


One of my old haunts from back when I covered the food scene in Minneapolis, TC Live was kind enough to have me on again — this time talking about the nomad life, how I fit everything I own into that little brown/green backpack you see on the table and just a little about my project. These things go so quickly!

PLUS, local Salvadoran-owned food truck Qué Tal Street Eats brought pupusas for us to sample. I was lucky to have them join me for my fundraiser at Able Brewing earlier this month. If you haven’t tried them yet, you absolutely should for delicious pupusas and more.

You can watch the short clip here.


Radio appearance on KTOE


I have been doing a monthly spot on KTOE for a couple of years now, but the latest show, from January, provided a nice summary of what my project is all about, what reporting my team and I are working on right now, and where I am with fundraising.

You can listen to it, here.


Meal Magazine


Also coming out at the start of the calendar year was the first issue of Meal Magazine. I wrote a story for Meal about the strange journey of Salvadoran pupusas into mainstream U.S. culture, and the role of the United States government in their arrival.

For now, Meal is a print-only operation, so there is no digital copy. You can purchase the first issue Meal — a refreshingly unique magazine about politics, culture and social issues through the prism of food — here.

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