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My new docu-series blends a celebration of culture and food with a more somber narrative of historical U.S. overstep. Episode 1 is from El Salvador, where I’m working to story tell about the Salvadoran Civil War and the dire results of U.S. involvement during the 1980s and 90s. Sponsoring this feature helps offset the enormous costs of this production — fees for my field coordinator and videographer, for gas, food and housing (and alcohol!) for my crew on road trips, for equipment rentals, for on-site assistance, for my music selection and more. If you’re inclined to help offset the cost of this, consider sponsoring it for $50 (enter a value of ‘1’ for $50, ‘2’ for $100, etc.). You will receive an acknowledgement in the credits! Thanks as always for all of your support. (If you prefer to use Venmo, you can do so using this handle: @amelia-rayno)