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My new docu-series blends a celebration of culture and food with a more somber narrative of historical U.S. overstep. Episode 1 is from El Salvador, where I’m working to storytell about the Salvadoran civil war and the dire results of U.S. involvement during the 1980s and 90s.

WATCHED POT: read more about the docu-series here.

Sponsoring this feature helps offset the enormous costs of this production — payments for my field coordinator, videographer, audio designer and animator, for gas, food and housing for my crew on road trips, for extensive equipment rentals, for on-the-ground assistance in every locale, for soundtrack subscriptions and original purchases and more.

As I am working exclusively with Salvadorans on this project, 100 percent of the raised funds go either directly to Salvadoran individuals or to Salvadoran-owned businesses. I am not compensating for my own labor or making income of any kind.


For a budget of $10,500, you all have raised $9450 as of May 2020. We are almost there!

THANK YOU for your support.

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