My pop-up shop is back!

Thanks to a wild first round of photo sales in December and January — my first foray into this madness — my pop-up shop is officially back for round two, kicking off …right now.

This time around,  I have some new notecard sets up for grabs as well as a bunch of new prints in 8x10s and 12x18s. And a lot of the best sellers from the previous round, such as the Beetle and Old Man and the Sea prints and the street dog notecards are still available as well!

Most excitingly for me, after bumbling through the first round of sales manually, I have a fancy new landing page for my shop, where you can browse the available goods and order them directly. You can find it here. As it is still new, please alert me to any problems or concern! And if there’s something you’d like to see but you don’t, I’m all ears (but no promises).

An important note! Being that this is a pop-up, there is a DEADLINE FOR ORDERING if you want to make this round of shipments, which will go out in late May.

So make sure you place all orders before midnight on May 12 to make the cut.

Here’s the link again. Now ready, set, SHOP!

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Instagram 2/7/19

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Instagram 1/27/19

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Almost every place I go, I intend to stay only a week. But it’s not natural for me. Somehow, I’m a nomad who loves to stay. A wanderer who values community. A vagabond who craves routine. I simultaneously dream of seeing the world while still feeling the pull to stop and connect. I miss the pieces of life spent around a kitchen, over a bottle of wine with old friends. I miss that particular privilege of being known and understood in the way only those who have known and understood you for a great while can. But perhaps that’s why I’ve paused in Corozal. I feel that community, that routine, that sense of normalcy and understanding over a bottle of wine. It doesn’t mean it’s easy, or that I don’t have hard days, like today, when I felt that deep awayness, that realization of how far removed I am from my old life, that distinct distance from those I love the most. But the feeling of finding your people, the world over… it can’t be replaced. It keeps me going, it keeps me moving, and sometimes, like now, it keeps me staying. 💚

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Ah Sarteneja — I took a day trip from Corozal today and it was lovely — until 15 minutes after arriving I accidentally plunged into sewage sink mud up to my thighs. What an experience! I know now what it is like to walk barefoot, covered in mud and smelling like a nest of rotten eggs, to the nearest building to beg for a shower. Thankfully, I managed to save my camera and backpack, and those who greeted me were gracious considering the circumstances. I showered for about an hour and a half, using an entire bar of soap — still not sure I’ll ever feel clean again. Afterward, I managed to see more of the village, which is truly lovely. Just watch out for sewage-y sink mud. Full digest of the unfortunate event is in my Instagram stories.

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