Playlist: Social Distancing Vibrations

We’re all a little tense right now. Some might even say scared shitless.

Maybe what we all need is to pop in our ear buds, fire up a good soundtrack and put something on the stove with loads of garlic. Dancing while cooking is scientifically proven to, if not keep you virus-free, at least make you hate your apartment-prison a little less. So wildly swing your spatula as you dance in your underwear. That’s right, we’re in our underwear; as long as we’re cancelling everything, let’s go ahead and cancel pants. Then go sit in the one place on the floor where the sun pours in long, golden slivers. See if you can melt into your yoga mat. Do you have any brownies? If so, you should eat two right now and absolutely not worry about the pounds. Scream your favorite lyrics until your cat gets really scared. Repeat.

Can we find some humor in our situation? Like a scrap? Is it there? What about joy? Is there joy to be found? I don’t know, I really don’t. But let’s all keep trying, anyway.

Happy listening. (Click below.)

3 thoughts on “Playlist: Social Distancing Vibrations

  1. You are so right on. I know my daughter in Brooklyn would agree with you admonition to dance while cooking. Thanks for this humor.

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